Mock MMIs

At Leeds, and many other medical schools, interviews are in the format of a multiple mini interview (MMI). Each mini interview is with a different person and lasts only a few minutes, during which discuss a specific topic or complete a task. This isn't as scary as it sounds, but to make sure you are as prepared as possible, we run mock MMIs every year, exclusively for year 13 students.

Medical School Council Interview Support


For students applying to medicine, or who are thinking of applying, the interview can feel daunting. Some will have been prepared for how interviews work and this will make them more confident on the day. While medical school interviews are designed to see through “coaching” and assess the candidate’s qualities as closely as possible, preparation will always be essential. As part of its work to increase fairness in medical applications, the Medical Schools Council has produced a website which takes candidates step-by-step through the process.


The website takes 30 minutes for candidates to work through and includes videos and activities. It covers:


  • What medical schools are looking for in candidates

  • What candidates can do if they don’t have access to practice sessions

  • Dealing with nerves and anxiety

  • The different types of interview, including the “structured interview” and “multiple-mini interview”


Use of the website is free and requires only a quick registration. It is made to complement the many resources on applications to medicine that can be found on the Medical Schools Council website

Medicine Taster Days 

They are three taster days a year, all held on Saturdays. A taster day will introduce you to some topics relevant to medical school application and enable you to begin to understand what it is like to be at medical school. Sessions include ethics debate, communication skills, work experience and some clinical skills. We also provide information Access to Leeds and give you opportunity to talk to medical students and qualified staff 

Ethics workshop

A workshop dedicated to getting your teeth into some interesting ethical discussions. Not only a really interesting and important part of practicing medicine, but also a chance to consider possible scenarios that could come up in those all-important medical school interviews!

Communication skills workshop

A chance to explore the different components of being a good communicator and put the skills into practice in a number of different theoretical scenarios.


Situational Judgement workshop

Our new workshop is designed to help you think about what goes into making decisions when the answer is not always clear, and a chance to practice the sort of questions that could come up in an interview.



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