What it is?

Our online mentoring scheme aims to connect students in year 12 and 13 who hope to study medicine with medical students and doctors. The aim of the scheme is to give school students without a medical background the opportunity to learn and receive advice from current medics on topics such as exam revision, interviews and work experience.

How does it work?

  • Email us at medicineoutreach@gmail.com

  • We will pair you up with a student/ doctor, ideally of the same sex and with similar interests (but sometimes it is just a case of who is available at the time!) 

  • You will be able to message your mentor on our mentoring website Brightside Mentoring.


You must not give out any personal details or try to meet up with your mentor - it is solely online via our secure website, we monitor all messages that are sent. If for any reason your mentor isn't responding or you aren't finding the scheme to be useful please just let us know as it is a limited resource and we don't want any of our mentee places to be wasted!


If you have any further questions about the mentoring scheme, you can email us at medicineoutreach@gmail.com

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