As well as holding frequent events at the university, we also run an online mentoring scheme, via a website called brightjournals. The scheme pairs up medical student hopefuls, generally in year 12 or 13 at school, with Leeds medical students and doctors. If you were to become a mentor, you would receive some initial training about what the role involves, and important things to be aware of, and would be shown how to use the website. After that, you would be paired with a school student via the secure website, and be expected to be messaging them roughly once per week.


You can discuss different medical schools, how best to get work experience, the sorts of things to include in a personal statement, and how you have found medical school so far. The only important things to bear in mind is that you cannot give out any personal details (i.e. phone number, Facebook details, email address etc.) and you cannot arrange to meet up with your mentee in person. This is due to child safety and insurance issues, though we're sure you're all very lovely people!


If you would be interested in becoming a mentor or would like to find out more information, please email

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