Mentoring Scheme

Our online mentoring scheme is delivered via the website Brightside Mentoring. School students in years 12 and 13 are paired up with medical students or doctors from Leeds who are willing to discuss any queries or concerns the hopeful applicants may have. Previous students have found this to be a very useful resource, especially if they do not have any friends or family who have studied medicine, as they always have access to somebody who is willing to answer their questions, without the worry of irritating the admissions team by sending a constant stream of emails.


We attempt to match our mentees and mentors by sex and interests where possible, though sometimes it is just a case of which mentors happen to be available at the time. We expect the mentees to message their mentors on average once per week, though naturally this varies with conversation flow and often significantly decreases during exam periods! Students can ask advice about how best to get work experience and voluntary work, how current medical students are finding university, tips for revision and the sorts of things to be including in their personal statements.


No personal details are to be given out by mentees or mentors. All of the messaging is carried out via the secure website as we are therefore able to monitor the messages and ensure that all messages are appropriate. We are not insured to allow the mentee/mentor pairs to meet face to face, so please advise your students of this if they are interested in joining the scheme.


If you have any general questions, or one of your students is interested in having a mentor, please ask them to email us at

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